John Burke - Tommy Hilfiger headquarters in New York

After serving as the overall manager of the nine Women's showrooms at the Tommy Hilfiger headquarters in New York, John Burke was selected by Mr. Hilfiger personally to direct the creation and organization of the entire Hilfiger company archive, including a library of research and design books, all press and editorial articles, thousands of advertising and entertainment videos and films, a vintage clothing collection of over 75,000 pieces, and a celebrity collectable archive.

In addition, Mr. Burke worked closely with Tommy and the Hilfiger family collecting and preserving their personal memorabilia and history to be used in projects like the HILFIGER 25th ANNIVERSARY Book published by Assouline and for special event appearances and interviews around the world. The Archive became an inspiration and research destination for the Design, Public Relations, Marketing, Merchandising, and Special Events divisions.

With the merger of the Tommy Hilfiger and Phillips/ Van Heusen companies, Mr. Burke was asked to set up the PVH Archives, collecting and cataloguing over 150 years of the histories of the Arrow, Bass, Van Heusen, and Izod brands. Subsequent projects included exhibitions of the materials domestically and overseas, and new product design and launches using the heritage of the brands and their re-imaginings in the 21st century.

Mr. Burke regularly conducted goodwill and informational tours for VIPs, members of the media, and schools through the Archives. Through the tours and his outreach work, he became an Internship liaison to both local and international colleges, scouting and recruiting talent for Internships, and was recruited himself as an Adjunct Professor in the Internship/Career Services Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He now serves as a consultant on Archive and Heritage building to corporations and their Marketing programs, Internship creation and Mentoring for companies looking for support from Universities, and as a source for goodwill tours of companies and NYC, and as a fundraising advisor and producer for special corporate and charity events